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We recently sat down with Holden design director Scott Zergebel to get a preview of the upcoming Fall/Winter 2019 Collection. For more than 17-years, Zergebel has helmed the design and development process of the brand, overseeing everything from color palette to materials selections, design concepts, sustainability initiatives and product innovations. From performance-oriented technical outerwear to standalone streetwear, the 2019 Collection will have you covered in style and warmth for every occasion.

Zergebel's passion for merging authentic technical outerwear with innovative streetwear and stylish fashion apparel shines through in each garment and every detail. The F19 Collection will cause old friends of the brand to cheer with joy and will send new admirers clambering for more intel on the mid-September drop-date. When asked, tell them you heard it here first on The Holden Journal.

What is the design and development process like at Holden? How do you get inspired each season? 

Inspiration is random and beautiful.  For me it usually comes through living my life in alignment with the things that make me happy: Good friends, time with Mother Nature, openness to experience and some urban exploration.

Who is the ideal Holden customer?

It’s someone who lives in a mountain town and spends time in the backcountry several days a week. As well, it's someone who lives in New York City and flies to Aspen once a year. We make stylish, purpose-built apparel for life in the city and beyond the mountains. Really, everyone is welcome.

What are your favorite products in the upcoming F19 line?

I’m really excited about our down sportswear offerings for women and men. The collection is made utilizing the softest and most comfortable materials we could find so that you’re warm and happy without feeling constricted or weighted down. We designed the garments with a combination of 700 fill-power trackable down and Polartec Power Stretch Pro to achieve this unique balance. Our down sportswear can be worn as an authentic performance-enhancing mid-layer under a technical shell or as stylish standalone streetwear.

For new technologies we’ve designed a capsule collection of seamless knitwear created using WholeGarment knitting machines, which is kind of like a 3D printer of garments. These layering pieces are manufactured in Japan close to where the knitting machines are built, and are made with a blend of 51% merino wool and 49% polyester from reclaimed plastic bottles. These beautiful garments are not only highly functional as layering, but they also create 30% less waste since there’s no cutting or sewing in the process. Also, since these garments are seamless there are no seams to rub your skin or pop and break when under stress.

Also new for the F19 Holden Collection is the addition of our active insulation category. Although the category is not new in the marketplace, we felt marrying the technologies of Polartec Alpha and Alpha Direct with our more fashion-forward styling was something unique. We like these two Polartec technologies because they really suit our alpine and urban outdoor pursuits. As well, these pieces are incredibly functional when traveling between a wide variety of transitional climates.

Tell us about the Women’s Hybrid Down Jogger. What makes the product innovative and unique?

It’s the perfect marriage of fashion, function and versatility. It can be worn as a winter “yoga pant” around city environments. As well, it can be worn as a layer under outerwear when enjoying the mountains. And, it’s equally great for just lounging around the cabin. It’s warm, lightweight and unbelievably comfortable.  As part of our down sportswear collection, it’s made utilizing trackable 700 fill-power down and Polartec Power Stretch Pro. Just this year, the Hybrid Down Jogger won the 2019 ISPO ‘Product of The Year Award’ for its unique styling and performance attributes, which has been a real honor.

Holden’s award-winning Schoeller Corkshell Summit Series is well regarded in the industry and has made a strong appearance in the past few years. What makes it unique, and how have you innovated on that Series for F19?

In our technical shell category, we continue to partner with Schoeller to refine our Corkshell Summit Series—an innovative, leading-edge technical snow jacket and bib pant made with recycled cork and 4-way stretch fabric. In F18, the Corkshell Summit pant and jacket won the 2018 ISPO Award for ‘Product of The Year’ in the Outer Layer segment of the Snowsports category. For F19, we refined the existing design and details while letting the fabric speak for itself.

Is the new Après boot the evolution of last year’s Puffy Slipper Shoe? What did that design process look like?

The Après boot was designed as a more rugged version of our Puffy Slipper Shoe. It offers more protection and keeps the snow out better than the low-top version. Both are equally comfortable and provide lightweight, cozy warmth for the trek to and from the mountains.

What is the manufacturing and design process like for the WholeGarment Line? What makes it unique?

Typically, a knitted garment consists of separated parts—the front and back body panels and the sleeves, which are then sewn together afterwards. In sharp contrast, WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine. WHOLEGARMENT production realizes a whole new kind of knitwear that would otherwise require highly skilled sewing labor or even be too complicated to sew. There are no seams to hinder motion or blow out over time. Moreover, the knitting process consumes only the material required to produce a single garment, which provides an added sustainable benefit. In every way, it’s a truly innovative, interesting knitting technique.

What does the future of Holden look like from here?

We’ll continue to move towards more technical fashion apparel as customers look to increasingly engage with the elements not only in the mountains but also within urban landscapes. Having that versatility, depth of technical knowledge and desire to make truly innovative creations will be crucial for any outerwear brand looking to succeed in the marketplace of the future.

From a materials and manufacturing standpoint, eco-friendlier options are still very much a part of the Holden brand DNA. For 17-years, our collections have always been built around marrying the latest in performance materials with modern urban styling. We don’t sacrifice the functional attributes of the garments or cut corners. Rather, we always look for the latest innovations in technical materials and manufacturing in order to achieve our design concepts.

Stay tuned for the full collection available September 2019
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