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We create modern performance-fashion that flows seamlessly between city life and outdoor adventure. Based in Venice, California, we are inspired by world-class outdoor activities, and the culture, music and art that surrounds us. Our collections blend luxury materials, cutting edge technology, modern proportions, and sustainable principles.

a parking garage staircase makes for a beautiful zigzag pattern

Based in Switzerland, Schoeller Textiles focuses on the sustainable development and production of innovative textiles and textile technologies. Schoeller has gained world-class recognition for pioneering industry leading fabrics both in and outside of the Alpine industry. For 2018/19 Holden has partnered with Schoeller and selected to use their Corkshell™ Two-Layer fabric in our highest end Shell Jacket and Pant. Corkshell™ combines the outstanding natural features of cork with those of high performance fabrics.

S Café® Sustainable Performance fabrics are truly revolutionary. S Café® yarns are combined with coffee grounds, changing the characteristics of the filament, and offers up to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton. Furthermore, S Café® fabrics are also naturally anti-microbial, absorb odor, and are UV resistant. It’s nice to think there is a use for all those leftover coffee grounds! We has been a proud partner of S Café® since 2010.

For 2018/19 we have selected to use S Café fabrics in all our Jacket linings.

This season we have selected to use a beautiful chambray Toray Dermizax shell fabric in some of our women’s styles for 2018/19. Toray Dermizax is a laminate material with a very high-performance membrane that boasts excellent moisture permeability, waterproofing, and reduced condensation. Stretchable and lightweight, there are few fabrics like it.

Over the last 25 years, Primaloft has changed the way the outdoor industry thinks about insulation. Primaloft insulation offers all the warmth of real down insulation without the bulk or weight. As versatile as the outdoors, Primaloft insulation is water resistant, has unmatched breathability, and has superior softness and lightness in comparison to other insulations. For 2018/19 we have selected to use Primaloft Silver Eco™ insulation in our lightweight and midweight insulated styles. This insulation is made from 70% post-consumer recycled content.

We have partnered with Allied Feather & Down to supply the responsible down used in our warmest insulated styles. Allied's down sourcing and proprietary cleaning technologies allow us to offer premium warmth and durability in a sustainable process — giving Holden customers peace of mind, no matter how cold it gets. TRACKMYDOWN is a new technology allowing you to scan your new garment to find out exactly where your down came from and what its contents and ratings are.

Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ has the ability to retain warmth without restricting movement or agility during activities. The outer surface has a low-friction finish to reduce irritation when worn with other fabrics and increase overall abrasion resistance. This next-to-skin layer stays dry, breathable and comfortable by continuously transferring moisture vapor for rapid evaporation.
This enhanced performance versatility provides the flexible support and warmth needed for reliable comfort in any fitness based activity. Polartec® Power Stretch®Pro™ wicks moisture and regulate breathability like a base material with the fortified ability to handle direct exposure to the elements.